Glenallachie, 15


Glenallachie, 15 - The Whisky Room Escocia | Maltas escocesas finas, ginebra, licores y puros

Destilería/Marca - Glenallachie
Embotellador - Glenallachie
expresión - 15
Spirit - Whisky puro de malta
Región -Speyside
Volumen - 70cl
Alcohol - 46% ABV
Barril - Jerez
Edad - 15 años
sin repetir
Filtrado sin frío
Color Natural

Esta compañía de whisky independiente, de propiedad y gestión escocesa, se centra en las cosas importantes: hacer un gran whisky y disfrutar de la vida: el whisky de 15 años es la joya de la corona de la gama principal de la destilería.

Nariz: Ondas de miel de brezo, chocolate negro e higos, con notas de pastel de frutas, moca y canela.

Boca: Montones de jarabe de higo, moca y melaza, seguidos de chocolate amargo, especias dulces y miel de brezo, fusionados con jengibre al final.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Top service & products - well done 🍾

Great service, advice and overall experience- so refreshing - thank you!

Fiona McEwing
A treat for Christmas.

If you're a sherries whisky lover, this isn't to be missed. Wonderful stuff, right up there with more famous offerings.

Hi Fiona,
Its a lovely drop, glad you are enjoying. Thank you for your review.

Daley Smith
Fantastic Service As Usual!

The guys at the Whisky Room always offer the most personable service, where you don’t feel like you are overstaying your welcome when stopping for a 5 min chat about whisky.

For a relatively new business, they seem to have built up some loyal customers, as it’s always busy.

Thanks for all the buying advice Allan and Giulia.


You've mixed me up! I bought a miniature of Glenfarclas.

Hi there, sorry about that. We seem to have some teething issues with our review apps. It doesn't even have the manners to call you anything else but 'customer' at the moment :p - We hope you enjoyed the Glenfarclas though! And sorry again...

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