Talisker, 12, Old Particular - Douglas Laing Whisky


Talisker, 12, Old Particular (Douglas Laing) - The Whisky Room Scotland | Fine Scottish Malts, Gin, Spirits & Cigars
Distillery/Brand - Talisker

Bottler - Douglas Laing
Expression - Old Particular, Talisker, 12
Spirit - Single Malt Whisky
Region - Islands
Volume - 70cl
Alcohol - 48.4% ABV
Cask - Refill Hogshead – Ref: DL15638
Bottled - 2022
Age - 12 years
Single Cask - only 355 bottles
Non Chill Filtered
Natural Colour

The Old Particular Single Casks are a particularly sought-after range of individually-selected Single Malt and Single Grain Scotch Whiskies from all over Scotland. Each is bottled exactly the way the Distiller intended: without colouring or chill-filtration, and at high alcohol strength. This combination allows the cask to retain the naturally present oils, fats and enzymes in the spirit that enhance the quality of the nose, the mouthfeel and flavour profile of the Whisky.

Nose: damp bonfire embers, charred oak, bbq’d mango and a hint of liquorice.

Palate: lightly toasted barley, Scottish sea salt and citrus fruits with a pistachio shell quality; followed by a medium-long finish with home-baking, fresh sponge cake, sweet pear and stewed strawberries.


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