Ardnamurchan Single Malt, AD/09.22, Cask Strength Whisky


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Distillery/Brand - Ardnamurchan
Bottler - Ardnamurchan
Expression - Single Malt, AD/09.22
Spirit - Single Malt Whisky
Region - Highlands
Volume - 70cl
Alcohol - 58.4% ABV
Cask - Bourbon and Sherry
Cask Strength
Bottled - 2022
Non Chill Filtered
Natural colour


This Ardnamurchan Single Malt whisky is a reflection of the distillery's rugged Western Highland location. Ardnamurchan's Sep '22 release of Cask Strength. This release is from 50 barrels (40 peated Bourbon, 5 unpeated Bourbon and 5 unpeated Sherry). This has produced a spirit that is the smokier than usual for Ardnamurchan.

Scan the QR codes on the back of each bottle to see transparent detail about production methods etc, even including the entire cask recipe for each batch.

Nose :



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ardamurchan AD/09.22 Cask Strength.

I have not opened the Bottle as I am trying to get a good collection,

Good bottle for the collection. Thanks for the review and support

Ardnamurchan AD09/22

A bottling off the beaten path for me.
Good recommendation from Allan.
Drinks well, sometimes put off by peated offerings but this was good.
Opens with the cask strength evident and a quick burst of light spice. Swiftly followed by a fruity element, experience was a little like cherry and finished off with honey notes with a steady light smoke throughout.

A welcome addition to the drink cupboard. Will likely try out future offerings.

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